3D Printed Stoneware Vases

2018 - 2018
3D Printed Stoneware

SEKI is a collection of eighty unique vases designed for President Wendy Wintersteen’s installation by Shelby Doyle, Erin Hunt, Kelly Devitt, and Ingrid Lilligren. Each vase represents the integration of custom-made glazes with computational designs and 3D ceramic printing. The process began with developing a digital 3D model of each vase using a series of algorithms to create sets of geometry. From these digital models, code was produced that directed a ceramic 3D printer to deposit clay in thin layers, one layer at a time, to produce the vase. Once complete, the vases were dried, fired, glazed, and fired again. The palette of glaze colors was inspired by the University Museums’ Iowa College Pottery collection, thereby connecting advances in ceramic technology to its history at Iowa State.

SEKI is the result of an ongoing partnership at the ISU Computation & Construction Lab (CCL) between the Department of Architecture and the ceramics studio in the Department of Art and Visual Culture at the College of Design. Supporting Iowa State University’s land-grant mission, the CCL works to connect developments in computation to the challenges of construction: through teaching, research, and outreach. Beyond campus borders the CCL leverages digital fabrication as a tool of public engagement with non-profit organizations and small towns in Iowa.