Bombus Terrestris

Wheel Thrown Porcelain Cups

2018 - 2018
Porcelain with Gold Luster

This grouping of vessels was based off a publication called “Monitoring FlowerVisitation Networks” by Mathiew Lihoreau, Lars Chittka and Nigel E. Raine. Thisresearch explores how Bumble Bees (Bombus Terrestri) claim territories within large patches of flowersand tracks their movement from flower to flower. I was drawn to this researchbecause of the diagrams that were created from the movement of the bees.

I recreated the diagramsby carving into black slip that had been painted on the outside of theporcelain cups. Each flower that is portrayed within the diagram was paintedwith a gold luster to accent the stopping points that the bees make withintheir territory. I believe that it was important to convey this research on avessel that we as humans’ drink and eat from because we rely so heavily on beesto pollinate our food. We need to do more to protect them in the years to come,even if that means the simple task of planting more flowers on our propertiesto keep their communities flourishing.